Case Study – MatchUpBox. Company Key Messaging. Responsive website


Case Study – MatchUpBox. Company Key Messaging and Responsive Website

For MatchUpBox we closely examined how their value proposition would resonate with today’s web savvy generation. As the internet continues to evolve as a place to explore, learn, and shop, it also becomes a market for major internet players to take advantage of all the information it generates. Data is the new stock market but only internet titans are trading – with your information.
This is where MatchUpBox comes in. With MatchUpBox, Consumers can be confident that vendors they buy from will protect their data. Vendors are assured that consumers who purchase from them will return in the future. MatchUpBox acts as a P2P framework specifying how data can and cannot be used, and provides actionable steps if a violation occurs. This is the essence of MatchUpBox’s trust pillar – providing consumer and vendor alike an ally to obfuscate and encrypt, ensuring the integrity of personal data.