Case Study – RasLabs Company Key Messaging. Responsive website. Visual Identity


Case Study – RasLabs. Company Key Messaging. Responsive website. Visual Identity

In constructing a case study for RasLabs we took a close look at the struggles amputees face. Losing a limb means more than a loss of dexterity and function. It affects how people work, interact, and are perceived by others. Despite challenges, many amputees summon incredible strength. Following the Boston Marathon bombing many victims committed to remaining the person they were before the attack. It is this strength that inspires RasLabs to provide customizable and enabling healing technologies that give back mobility to the most deserving; their perseverance reflects our entrepreneurial spirit and will shape innovations yet to come.
As a result of working with Solid Founder, Ras Labs was a finalist in the 2013 MassChallenge. They also competed at MassTLC for the innovation award in robotics, finishing third against industry leaders like iRobot.
Ras Labs new positioning attracted greater media attention and additional investment. 2014 saw Ras Labs hiring 3 scientists as full time staff and opening their new headquarters and laboratory. In April 2015 Ras Labs’ synthetic muscle was on board Space X’s Falcon Rocket, one of a select few experiments to go to the International Space Station.
Solid Founder’s work is framing, both visually and verbally, the limitless potential of Ras Lab’s synthetic muscular technology.