Slidevana simplifies the tedious task of putting together a long slide deck, by offering professionally designed presentation templates. Presentations are often done under pressure and tight deadlines, however for these presentations to be effective they also need to be concise, visually consistent and appealing. Slidevana solves this problem by including useful business concepts on their templates, paired with extreme attention to aesthetics and design.
Slidevana Glyph's is the latest addition to the company's offering: a comprehensive set of icons that enhances ease of use, saves time and money by providing carefully selected images that work seamlessly with Slidevana templates, but also any PowerPoint or Keynote file.
The set includes 200 icons that illustrate ideas often used in business presentations, they can be combined, and in many cases "contained" within one another in order to create more complex infographics. Following the company's high design standards, the minimal look conveys clarity, functionality and beauty. The icons are vector based and fully editable in PowerPoint or Keynote.
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