In developing key messaging for AidCalc we took stock of what AidCalc's core service provides to people: AidCalc determines a family's expected financial aid contribution for their children's higher education. Beyond this, AidCalc eliminates the complexity with an easy to use, accurate tool that provides peace of mind to families struggling with a complex, expensive journey. 
AidCalc allows families to be decisive in planning and paying for higher education, that was the genesis for our message: Accuracy is a thrill. For collegiate institutions we needed to promote the simplicity and accuracy of AidCalc's tool as a great recruiting platform. What we discovered told us that simplifying the application process for students instills confidence in the institution they are applying to and parents are paying for.
AidCalc's technology positively impacts their clients' bottom line, providing a winning and financially beneficial situation to institutions and families alike. On their website we convey this duality with a split Home page that directs visitors to content relevant to them. The visual language is vibrant, yet it keeps an academic, serious tone that is in line with the company's client profile.
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