Prepscan is a medical food developed by Pharmalucence, a long time established leader in nuclear medicine in New England.

Prespscan ---currently under experimental phase--- it's the first of a new product line by the company, that would be available directly to consumers without a medical prescription (over the counter). It comes as a high-fat, carbohydrate and protein free beverage that engages down-regulation of glucose transport and uptake in non-target tissues. The result is a simplified and standardized dietary preparation for patients that need to undergo a PET scan.

We developed a brand, packaging and product label that are inspired by the transparency and better performance of the scan process produced by Prepscan. The result is the right balance between a consumer-oriented image, clearly displaying nutritional and medical information, all while keeping the serious essence and use of the product. The color palette, based on the beverage's flavor allows future expansion of the brand’s products.

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