QuickPivot helps top brands collect, segment, manage and make customer data actionable, using A.I. and machine learning. Their goal is to simplify and enhance the marketers’ job by reducing time spent sifting through vast amounts of customer data. QuickPivot’s platform consolidates disparate data, integrates marketing stack and maps out customer journeys. The results are actionable insights and a drastic reduction of the marketing cycle time, so marketers can be more creative, strategic and focused on what they love, instead of “wrestling with customer data”.
At the start of this collaboration there were already some essential elements in place, such as the logo and a preliminary color scheme. However, the brand lacked the depth and consistency needed to stand out from competitors and match the personality of its team. QuickPivot describes itself as a “proven team of over 100 Innovators, Marketers, Technologists and Data Geeks. Think of us as a start-up with a ton of experience.” This was the inspiration to design around the concept of simplicity, curiosity and impact.
The work is a visual system that is nimble, memorable and fun. It includes an expanded color scheme, new typeface, icon set, abstract graphics and photography styles to be used across the brand's communication channels.
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