Working for Ras Labs we took a closer look at those affected by the loss of a limb and their struggles, both physical and emotional. Beyond the loss of utility and function that an arm or hand provides there is a longer lasting mental pain and a perceived sense of incompleteness. Despite these realities many amputees summon incredible personal strength, as in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, determined to be the runner, athlete, or dancer they know themselves to be.
It is this struggle and strength which inspired us to create Ras Labs visual identity and company voice. Our goal was to represent mobility, empowerment, healing and perseverance, while communicating the limitless potential of synthetic muscular technology.  The company's founders also have a personal history with the military, which we honored with design details that do not overpower the company's focus on technology.
As part of the outcome of the rebrand work by Solid Founder, Ras Labs was able to better compete against other startups at MassChallenge. It has also competed --and placed third-- at MassTLC against industry leaders like iRobot for the innovation award in robotics. The company's positioning has gained greater media attention and additional investment. Ras Labs synthetic muscle was launched on the Space X's Falcon Rocket as one of a few experiments to go to the International Space Station, based on its ability to withstand intense radiation.
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