Respira Labs is a health tech company based in San Jose, CA. They are building a service platform of wearable devices and adaptive digital algorithms to improve the delivery of care for Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD).
The founders of Respira Labs explained the impact that COPD has on patients suffering from this disease: besides the devastating physical effects, their quality of life is severely affected, they are often socially isolated even from their loved ones, due to fear of contracting an infection when their oxygen levels are low, they also experience embarrassment when using the bulky, inconvenient devices currently available. The company focuses on tackling those issues.
We designed Respira Labs identity to reflect adaptability and a positive feel that matches the company's mission. The logo is inspired on the concepts of breath, flux and care. We used a round, soft font to create a welcoming feeling, and a vibrant color scheme in line with the innovating spirit of the company.

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