MatchUpBox’s Trust Capital Index has four simple steps to give a full visualization of an individual’s or vendor’s digital identity. The intuitive portal’s interface provides users a single pane of glass empowering them with tangible metrics and real accountability. Users can vouch for eight, and only eight, other users making each voucher significant. Due to the limit, users and vendors alike can trust every person they do business with; a voucher isn’t a favor, it’s a genuine reference to illustrate an individual’s accountability. Companies have the sames advantage when leveraging the review system, and with easy access to information at their disposal, they can enter a business engagement confident and prepared.
We paid close attention to the application’s purpose when crafting the UX/UI, knowing it needed to be as engaging and transparent as the service it provides. We did this by simplifying the steps, as well as leaving out needless interaction and graphic elements. We created a streamlined dashboard that only highlights the clear and actionable data MatchUpBox is designed to deliver.
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