Ad for MarTech Intelligence CDP Report.

Campaign ads for pillar pages.

Animated illustration for value proposition: Easy, fast insights for the marketer. The design above was created to illustrate in a fun, clear way how marketers can run powerful queries by themselves with QuickPivot, without dealing with the technical complexity behind the scenes.

Animated illustration for value proposition: Right-sized support. Here, the goal was to show how the company supports their customers as their needs grow and change. The chip circuit branches are a nod to the multichannel campaigns that users can manage with ease thanks to QuickPivot's technology.

Animated illustration for value proposition: Know, target, engage. The third animation represents the virtuous cycle that QuickPivot creates by connecting and making sense of disparate customer data, that can then be leveraged for accurate, future predictions.

Cutting Through the Noise. The goal for this video was to show what differentiates QuickPivot from its competitors when it comes to customer data records. The clip highlights these advantages while evoking flow, speed and passion, all attributes of the brand.

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